Over 50% of CSR reports above average disclosure level for the first time

94% of CSI 100 components have CSR reports

State-owned enterprises and financial companies account for the majority of reports


(July 27th, 2018, Beijing)

On July 27th, CSR consulting firm SynTao released its latest research on materiality analysis of CSR reports for China Securities Index 100 (CSI 100) components at the 10th China Cooperate Social Responsibility Annual Conference held by Southern Weekly. It is the second year that SynTao conducted such analysis.



CSI 100 components updated in April 2018 were used as sample, and 93 CSR reports issued by component companies were evaluated according to the Material and Quantitative Indicators (MQI) Guidelines of different sectors developed by SynTao.


The research found that, the average disclosure rate of these 93 CSR reports is 48%, which means 9 to 10 material and quantitative indicators out of 20 of the corresponding sector have been disclosed; the result is slightly higher than that of the previous analysis in 2017, which was 41%. The gap among the CSR reports in terms of disclosure rate becomes larger, with the highest increased from 85% to 90% and the lowest remaining at 5%, which means only 1 material and quantitative indicator out of 20 has been disclosed.

In terms of sectors, extractive and finance sectors have relatively good disclosure.

Similar to the previous analysis, indicators of economic aspect have the highest level of disclosure while those social indicators have the lowest level.



The research also found that even though a majority of CSI 100 components are still unwilling to disclose negative indicators, the number of components voluntarily disclosing such indicators has increased slightly, reflecting the trend that the awareness of voluntary disclosure is rising slowly.


Based on the findings above, the research provides recommendation to Chinese listed companies. First, companies should take a more active role on reporting. Second, companies should report more quantitative information on social, environmental, labor and product issues or indicators under the guidance of authoritative CSR reporting guidelines. Third, companies should not ignore information with negative implications. Fourth, companies can get reports verified by a third party to increase credibility.

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About SynTao

SynTao Co., Ltd. is a leading Beijing-based consultancy promoting sustainability and responsibility in the Asian region. We focus on consulting, education and investment in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


About MQI Guidelines

“Material and Quantitative Indicators Guidelines for CSR Report” (MQI Guidelines) offers material and quantitative indicator system for different sectors in terms of information disclosure in CSR reporting, with the aim of helping companies in different sectors to identify material topics in CSR reports, promoting the disclosure of material and quantitative information in reports, and helping stakeholders with evaluation and application of the reports.


About MQI database

MQI database (www.mqi.org.cn) collects corporate social responsibility reports released in China. The disclosure rate of these collected reports is regularly evaluated using MQI Guidelines. The results of the analysis are open for public inquiries. MQI database is an open platform, we welcome cooperation and suggestion from corporations, academic institutions, governments and other stakeholders to jointly promote the development of CSR reporting.